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  Est 2016

Asian Bronze

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Bettie Lake

Sunday, September 15

Half Day

10:00 am - 3:00 pm


Class description

This class will introduce you to two faux texture techniques for your gourds. We will be using a Patina system and a Cloisonné Embossing Powder. Nothing difficult here, just time and guidance on the process and tips on enhancing the results. As a bonus, I will share and my China source for Asian and Tibetan beads at a very low price. This is a great class for beginners.

This class is for all levels. 

I will supply beads, and embellishments, Cloisonné Embossing Powder, Cleaned gourd, Patina Products

What you are required to bring

Rubber gloves, Small sea sponge, Spray bottle of water, Shards for practice

Class Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel this class, you MUST contact us before September 1, 2019 in order to receive a refund. Note that NGS will withhold $10 per cancelled class to cover processing fees. To cancel, call Patti Jo Newsom @ 817-917-7873 or email
If this class does not meet the minimum number of students by September 1st, the class will be cancelled, you will be contacted, and your full registration fee will be refunded.

About the instructor

I live in Phoenix and have been teaching gourd classes for 6 years. Check out my work and my class selections at

Questions about this class?

Email Bettie at: