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  Est 2016

Here Kitty Kitty

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Brenda Blackwelder

Sunday, September 15

Half Day

10:00 am - 3:00 pm


Class description

Orange and Brown and Black and White! And cats of many colors. Please join us as we learn to create one of these furry friends for ourselves and then when your friends all just have to have one you can make one for them. You will learn to construct the body and work with clay to give them character by adding ears, a nose and paws. What color will we paint them? 

This class is for all levels of gourders and if you work diligently, you will have your own little finished kitty.

Other than the supplies listed below, everything you need to make your kitty will be provided--from the gourd to the clay and whiskers.

What you are required to bring

Bring acrylic paints if you want a particular color. I will provide the basics white, black, brown, orange. Also bring paint brushes and an apron.

About the instructor

I have created Art my entire life one way or another. In college I found design to be my favorite. Over the years I have worked in different medias, including wood burning and carving. After finding GOURDS I fell in love. I enjoy using all my learned skills to create Art on Gourds.

Questions about this class?

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