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Mountain Chickadee Gourd Scupture

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Jeannine Hudson

Saturday, September 9

Full Day

9:00 am - 4:00 pm


Class description


Take your carving skills a step further by creating a cute, realistic little bird! I will show you how to use your rotary tool to give realistic feather detail to wing and tail cut-outs. Then I'll show you how to seamlessly attach the wings and tail feathers to a small gourd. And after texturing and carving additional details to the body we'll paint and voila! you'll have a darling Mountain Chickadee.

The techniques you learn in this class will give you the insights you need for making sculptures of your favorite birds and animals for your curio cabinet, for gifts, or just for fun!

This class is for intermediate level gourders. If you are comfortable using your rotary tool, and you have done some level of gourd carving then this class is for you.

I will provide:

  • A tutorial

  • Patterns

  • Cleaned small pear gourd and gourd pieces

  • Practice gourd shard

  • Carbide rotary shaping tool and a carbide shank burr will be provided for each participant to use.

  • A base for your chickadee (they may not all look exactly the same)

  • Pencils, carbon paper, Quik wood, paints, brushes glue, tape, eyes, wire, scissors

  • Paper towels and wipes

What you are asked to bring

Students need to bring:

  • Dremel or similar rotary tool and all of your drill bits

  • Wood burner

  • Pliers

  • Dust Mask

  • Latex-like Gloves

  • Safety glasses

(Each student must have their own tools please, time restraints don't allow for sharing.)

Class Cancellation Policy


If you need to cancel this class, you MUST contact us before August 25, 2023 in order to receive a refund. Note that NGS will withhold $10 to cover processing fees. To cancel, call Patti Jo Newsom at 817-917-7873 or email us at


If this class does not meet its minimum number of students by August 25th, the class will be cancelled, you will be contacted, and your registration fee will be refunded.

All classes are subject to change.       

About the instructor


I've been wood burning and carving for years. I began applying these skills to gourds about 12 years ago.

I won the People's Choice Award at the 2022 Wuertz Gourd Festival in AZ with my Turkey Sculpture.

This was a labor of love, taking over 900 hours to complete, for my son who is an avid turkey hunter.

I won the 2022 American Gourd Society Excellence in Gourd Artistry Award and my Turkey Sculpture was on the cover of The Gourd Magazine , Spring 2023 Issue.

Questions about this class?


 Jeannine can be contacted at

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