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Gourd Suppliers

At some point, every gourder will find a need to buy gourds from a supplier. Even if you grow your own gourds, there is always a project that requires a size or shape that you don't have. If you belong to a gourd patch it is likely that others grow gourds and are willing to sell some of theirs to you. Even so, we still find ourselves looking for "that particular gourd". Luckily there are professional gourd suppliers growing gourds all over the country.

If you live in Nevada, you will likely want to do business with gourd farms that are closer to home to minimize shipping costs. See our list of gourd farms below. If you know of anyone who grows and sells gourds in or near Nevada, please contact us with their info and we will list them here on our website.

Atkerson Gourd Farm - Amargosa, NV - To visit, contact Gary Atkerson at

Front Porch Crafts and Gourds - Davis Farm in Sacramento, CA

Welburn Gourd Farm - De Luz, CA

Wuertz Gourd Farm - Casa Grande, AZ

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