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Teacher Application

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Please review all of the class information on this page before you fill out the teacher application. The online application is at the end of this page.

All-day and half-day classes will be held Friday the 6th and Saturday the 7th. Only half-day classes will be held on Sunday the 8th.


All classes will be held outside. Canopies will be provided. NGS will retain $15.00 per student from your class fee. You will be provided one 8 ft table for every 5 students, a chair for each student, and one additional table for the teacher. Additional tables will be available for rent for $10.00 each--just specify what you need in the "List anything else you require for this class" section of the Application Form.


Water is available in the kitchen of the exhibit hall. If your class requires water, please bring a container large enough to accommodate your students' needs so you can fill prior to class and your students will not be required to go in and out of the exhibit hall during class.

If you require electricity, your class will be located near an outlet. You will need to bring your own extension cords, power strips, etc. You will need at least one heavy duty extension cord to reach from your closest outlet to your class area.


***  The number of classes is limited, so submit your proposal(s) as soon as you can. ***


Class proposal(s) must be received by June 1, 2024. 

You may submit proposals for as many classes as you like. Each of your classes must have a unique name.

Submit a separate application for each different class proposal. If any of your application information does not fit in the space provided, email any additional information to

Class submissions are reviewed by a jury and we cannot guarantee that all classes will be selected.


IMPORTANT! We must receive photos of your class item when you submit your application. For each class you submit, email at least one HIGH RESOLUTION PHOTO of your class item to Make sure that your email includes the Class Name for that photo.

Terms of Agreement

Please download, view, and print the Teacher Terms of Agreement for the 2024 Silver State Art Festival. You will need to sign and date this form and give to us before you start setting up at the festival. (We will also have copies on hand if you forget to bring yours to the festival.)


Questions? Contact Patti Jo Newsom at 817-917-7873 or

Your Name*

Email Address*

Street Address*

City, State, and ZIP*

Phone (xxx-xxx-xxxx)*

Name of Class*

Class Price (Remember $15 will be retained by NGS)

Is this class a full day or half day?
Preferred Days (Note Sunday is 1/2 day classes only)
Can student expect to finish this project within class time?

If not, explain

Minimum number of students you require*

Maximum number of students you will take*

Does this class require electricity?

List anything else you require for this class

Class Description (This will sell your class - include special skills or techniques taught or emphasized)*

List the supplies you will provide to the students*

List materials or supplies the student should bring to class*

Teacher's Biography (50 words or less)*

Do you give your permission to use your class project photos to promote this event in print and on the Internet?
I have read and agree to the Teacher Terms and Agreement of the 2024 Silver State Art Festival

Thank you for submitting your teaching application for the Silver State Art Festival.

If you do not see the "Thank You" message after clicking the "Send Message" button, review your application to make sure that you filled in all of the required fields. Required fields that are not filled in will be highlighted in red.

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