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Beaded Treasure

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Patti Jo Newsom

Friday, September 9

Full Day

9:30 am - 04:00 pm


Class description

Learn my tips and tricks for seed beading patterns on gourds.


In this class, you will learn how to decorate your gourds with beadwork. We will use translucent ink dye to add a tint of color to the gourd. And to delineate our design, we will inlay leather cording.

This class is for all levels of gourders, but students are required to have basic knowledge of how to use their rotary tool (carver) and how to change bits. How far along you will get on this project will depend on your level of expertise. The students should be able to finish everything except the beading. However, everyone should be able to complete enough of the beading to get the basic pattern down and complete the rest of the beading on their own. Students who do not finish will be given the supplies they need to finish the project. In addition, everyone will be given a detailed set of instructions for this project.

I will supply a 5-6 inch class-ready gourd, a beading template, several bead color choices, dyes, paints, glues, wire and leather cording -- and everything you'll need for the project with the exception of what I have listed below for each student to bring.

What you are required to bring

  • A rotary tool (like Dremel or Gourd Master carver) with your carving bits including a sanding drum, a cutting wheel bit, and a bit for drilling tiny holes. I will have bits you can buy if yours don't work for the project. (I will have a couple of rotary tools for students to share if you don't have one.)
  • Your paint brushes, including a large and a smaller soft-bristle detail brush. I will have inexpensive brushes to sell if you don't have what you need.
  • A set of jeweler's (small) pliers and wire cutters. (Walmart sells an inexpensive set of these tools here.)
  • A pencil and eraser
  • A dust mask
  • Eye protection (safety glasses or glasses that you normally wear)
  • Optional: Some students like to use a hands-free magnifier when they bead. If you have one you'd like to use, bring it with you.
  • Optional: A work apron or a big shirt to protect your clothing. (Nevada Gourd Society will have great work aprons for sale at the class check-in table or inside the Exhibit Hall.)

Class Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel this class, you MUST contact us before August 30, 2022 in order to receive a refund. Note that NGS will withhold $10 to cover processing fees. To cancel, call Patti Jo Newsom at 817-917-7873 or email us at

If this class does not meet its minimum number of students by August 30th, the class will be cancelled, you will be contacted, and your registration fee will be refunded.

All classes are subject to change.

About the instructor

Patti Jo Newsom is an active member of the American Gourd Society, Co-founder and Co-chair of the Nevada Gourd Society, Webmaster of the Nevada Gourd Society, and Director of the Pahrump Valley Gourd Patch. She is a certified Gare instructor and over the years she has experimented with a variety of artistic design techniques, painting on canvas, wood, and ceramics. For the past 13 years she has concentrated on her gourd art and teaching classes for those who want to learn her techniques.

Questions about this class?

Contact Patti Jo at: or 817-917-7873

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