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Mandala Zen-Chime - 1

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Date :

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Patti Jo Newsom

Friday, May 31st

Half Day

9:00 am to 12:30 pm

$50.00 + small processing fee

Class description

This fun project is a great introduction to the world of Mandala Dot Art.

In this 1/2 day class, our focus will be to create a beautiful Mandala design on a gourd to be used as a wind chime cap. This class is appropriate for all levels of students. Students should be able to finish, but it will depend on their expertise. Students will be given the supplies they need to complete the project on their own, if necessary, including a tutorial with step-by-step instructions.

Each student will receive the following supplies that are theirs to keep (see photo below):

- A "class ready" gourd

- A kit of 18 dotting tools

- A kit of paints

- A water dropper bottle

- A class tutorial with step-by-step instructions

In addition, the instructor will provide Mod Podge, Triple Thick Glaze spray, measuring tapes, chalk, and sandpaper. There will be some wind chimes available for sale, otherwise the students can get their own later. The instructor will demonstrate how to install the wind chime in the gourd cap.

What you are required to bring

Each student is required to bring the following items to class:

- Assorted sizes of detail brushes

- A pallet knife (you can get in the art supplies department at Walmart)

- A heat tool or hair blower to facilitate drying time.

- Optional: A hands-free magnifier

About the instructor

Patti Jo Newsom is an active member of the American Gourd Society, Co-founder and Co-chair of the Nevada Gourd Society, Webmaster of the Nevada Gourd Society, and Director of the Pahrump Valley Gourd Patch. She is a certified Gare instructor and over the years she has experimented with a variety of artistic design techniques, painting on canvas, wood, and ceramics. For the past 12 years she has concentrated on her gourd art and teaching classes for those who want to learn her techniques.

Questions about this class?

Contact Patti Jo at or 817-917-7873

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